Insurance companies have shifted their scope from a focus on the healths of frequent yet relatively few patients within practices to the Population Management model of preventive care, which is designed to improve the healths of an entire population as a whole. MDboss’ Healthcare Quality Incentive Program (HQIP) provides primary care providers (PCP) analytics that aid their practices to meet insurance requirements for each measure.

Insurance companies are providing targets for each quality measure, such as breast cancer screenings, colorectal cancer screenings, HbA1c diabetes tests, and more. If a practice is off by more than one patient, it does not receive an incentive for these measures. The MDboss quality staff aggregates the Insurance Care Gap report with the practice’s database, and any discrepancy is reported to the insurance company via email, fax or insurance portal.
Our HQIP services will provide the following:
  • an experienced and well-trained staff that will monitor each measure.
  • quality work.
  • greater time for your practice to focus on patient care.