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Medical Transcription
MDboss uses state-of-the-art cloud technology to store voice and transcribed files which can be...
Medical Billing
As a pioneer in the Revenue Cycle Management delivery model, MDboss set a new standard...
Insurance Follow up
Insurance calling is a key service of MDboss Inc. It is one of the most important...
other services
We have experienced team for doing precertification and authorization for all kind of procedures...
other services
Other Services
Our virtual employees services (VES) make hiring and training of staff redundant...
About Us
MDboss provides innovative, scalable, and cost effective Transcription and Medical Billing solution to healthcare industry--doctors, clinics and hospitals.We are focused on your business and treat it like you would. We use software technology that helps our clients with the appropriate reimbursement for their services, reduce hassles, improve cash flow and minimize their risk exposure.Accuracy, reliability and confidentiality are our guiding light in rendering services to our clients. Full proof data transfer software architecture and restricted access to sensitive doctor/patient data ensure highest degree of confidence between us and our clients. We and our clients thrive as one ...