We are MDboss.

MDboss provides high quality medical transcription and billing services with the utmost dedication to accuracy, efficiency, and dependability to practitioners in the healthcare industry. Our established processes, robust infrastructure, experienced staff and committed management enable us to be the preferred choice of service provider for the healthcare industry.

Browse our services below and discover what MDboss can do for your business.

Medical Transcription

MDboss is a company composed of experienced medical transcriptionists and quality analysts who are committed to provide customized, accurate, fast, and cost effective transcription services to hospitals, clinics, group practices, individual practices, and many others.

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Medical Billing

Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution transforms clinics and hospitals into highly efficient and cost effective patient-centered practices. We provide exceptional healthcare RCM services to our clients and have a proven track of high performance for over a decade.

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The insurance payment model has changed from pay-by-volume to pay-by-value. Insurance companies in turn have realized that PCMH saves healthcare cost while being beneficial to the patient’s health. As a result, incentives are being given to practices who are PCMH-certified.

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MDboss offers vital services for insurance authorization. We have an experienced staff to do the precertification for MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Study Test (NST), and Exercise Stress Test (EST).

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MACRA is Medicare’s measure to focus on the quality of care rather than the volume of care, the goal being that 85 percent of all Medicare payments will be tied to the value of care received. The payments to participating physicians will be adjusted according to how they are rated on reported measures.

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Insurance companies have shifted their scope from a focus on the healths of frequent yet relatively few patients within practices to the Population Management model of preventive care, which is designed to improve the healths of an entire population as a whole.

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