Medical Billing

Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution transforms clinics and hospitals into highly efficient and cost effective patient-centered practices. We provide exceptional healthcare RCM services to our clients and have a proven track of high performance for over a decade. We are flexible and can either work with your practice’s software or provide MDboss’ billing software. We also follow a hybrid model, in which we can also work on your unpaid/denied claims and collect these payments from insurance companies.

Our well-trained billing staff will work either on your Practice Management System (PMS) or on the MDboss Practice Management System, a cloud-based software. Our billing staff will service, send, and track each electronic claim to its completion, regardless of the amount charged; the practice will also receive a monthly report showing the status of each claim.

MDboss can perform either of the following:
  • a complete RCM, in which MDboss will perform charge posting, electronic submission, payment posting, and insurance calling.
  • a partial RCM, in which MDboss will perform payment posting, electronic submission, and insurance calling while charge posting is done by the practice.
Our efficient medical billing will provide the following:
  • reduced costs allocated toward human resources and information technology.
  • a personalized and comprehensive account management.
  • an experienced and well-trained billing staff.
  • exceptional quality.
  • security in the billing software.
  • an efficient electronic claims processing.
  • efficiency in tracking, appealing, and resolving denied claims.
  • persistence in following up with insurance companies to attain better yields at lower costs.